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"If the dogs make a mistake while out on trail, remember that it is not the dogs that have made the mistake. It is you."

(Georg Attla)

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When you think of sled dogs, you think mostly the endless span of north, extremely cold temperatures and the Inuit with their dogs, without whom the Inuit could not survive. However, you do not have a travel to Alaska or Greenland, to admire such dogs. They are also here in Germany.

15 of these unique and beautiful dogs are living at Thomas the "musher" and Margit the "doghandler" in Seeburg (300 inhabitants) near Bad Urach. The valley of Seeburg is one of the coldest valleys in the Swabian Alb and is therefore suitable for Nordic dogs. From our 15 ares, over half is dedicated to kennels, even the barn belongs to our dogs and everything has been veterinary approved.

Our ambition was and is to offer our dogs a natural and adequate animal housing and plenty of exercise. Our lives have been dedicated towards the well-being of our dogs. Mornings, one can hear the power of the pride when Loyd leads the choir and 15 dogs howl like wolves. Our efforts are aimed at demonstrating to the public work with the dogs and their character.

Our most important task however is the training of the sleddogs. Training takes place from Autumn to Spring. There is nothing better for a Husky than running in the team. Huskies run in team, simply for the love of running.  The musher´s job is simply to steer them during the run by calling the commands.

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